AET Career Outcomes

The interdisciplinary nature of AET lends itself to many career paths. Students will customize their studies through minors, certificates, and internships added to their chosen blend of AET curriculum.

Example Job Titles:

  • Digital Artist/Animator (3D and 2D)
  • DJ
  • Freelance Musician/Commercial Musician
  • Game/Level Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Integrated Media Producer/Technician
  • Lighting Designer or Technician for Theatre, Sports, and Live Entertainment/Events
  • Project/Product Manager
  • Sound Designer or Technician for Theatre, Film, or Gaming
  • Web Designer/Developer

Students will graduate with portfolio of work from class projects and professional internships. Graduates will retain rights to creative work/personal intellectual property.

Additional Skills Learned:
Video Editing; audio editing; UX/UI design (minor offered through School of Information); introduction to programming/coding languages (certificate offered through Computer Science); collaboration in team-projects; entrepreneurial thinking (certificate offered through Bridging Disciplines); problem solving; time management; project management; art direction; communication/presentation skills.

For more information on course selection, minors or certificates, contact Academic Advising in the College of Fine Arts Office of Student Affairs. For more information on internships or career management, contact Fine Arts Career Services.