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Plan your future with a professional career counselor at the College of Fine Arts Career Services.

Check out the ultimate resource for students – UT Student Central.

Keep track of critical dates with the academic calendar.

Seeking financial aid, scholarships, work-study opportunities? Visit the Office of Student Financial Services.

Need help with your course work? Contact the Undergraduate Writing Center or the Sanger Learning & Career Center.

Request special accommodations for your classroom or testing arrangements through Services for Students with Disabilities.

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What type of computer will I need for AET coursework?

Please see our hardware/software recommendations section for relevant information about technology needs and resources.

How may I major-change into the Bachelor of Science AET degree?

Please see our admissions section for pertinent info.

Some AET courses are listed as ‘restricted.’ How do I register for these courses?

Students hoping to register for “restricted” AET courses need to have the required prerequisites before being able to enter the course. Contact Chris Montes to discuss the particular requirements for these courses.

May I have two majors (simultaneous majors)?

Students must have completed 30 hours of course work at UT Austin in order to add a second major. There are exceptions with students pursuing some Honors degrees. Please note that 30 hours in-residence at UT Austin does not include any CLEP credit, AP credit, SAT/ACT credit, distance-learning credit or dual enrollment credit hours. You may start taking courses towards a second major within your first year. Students are encouraged to research other departments to learn the requirements for other majors.

Can I minor in Arts and Entertainment Technologies?

While some colleges at UT will allow you to declare a minor in Fine Arts departments, Arts and Entertainment Technologies will not recognize or offer any official minor. It is the student’s responsibility to identify courses available to them as non-majors that fulfill the requirements of their own college. These students should meet with an academic advisor in the college in which they are currently enrolled to discuss how to complete a minor for their particular degree plan.

I registered for a class, it is after the 12th class day, but now I want to drop it. What do I do?

Go to Student Affairs at the College of Fine Arts (DFA 1.103) to pick up an Add/Drop form before the mid-semester drop deadline. See the current academic calendar for a schedule of deadlines. After the deadline, you will have to petition the appeals committee.

I want to change a course to Pass/Fail. What do I do?

Contact Chris Montes to discuss the process.

How do I submit my concentration/elective form/degree audit?

The Interactive Degree Audit has trouble reconciling the requirements of our degrees due to our approved concentration/elective requirements. Most likely you will need to submit your concentration and elective form to Student Affairs at the College of Fine Arts (DFA 1.103) in order to use this program successfully. In the meantime, make an appointment with the department’s academic advisor.

I am sick or have personal circumstances that make it wise to withdraw for the semester. What do I do?

Contact Chris Montes to discuss the process.

I hope to graduate this December. What do I do?

Visit Student Affairs at the College of Fine Arts (DFA 1.103) BEFORE the mid semester deadline and fill out a graduation application.

What is FERPA: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act?
Find out more here.

For more information on degree advising and course registration in AET, please contact:

Chris Montes