Roots and Wings “3D Embodied” (2012)

Dance Repertory Theatre, Roots and Wings “3D Embodied” (2012)

CAET is a multi-purpose research and educational program dedicated to technology and content entrepreneurship in the arts and entertainment industries. It has a performative focus that explores the intersection of advanced production technologies and live performance. This performative focus is unique among arts and technology centers and will inform program design, research, facilities and admissions criteria.

The College of Fine Arts prepares students for the creation, practice, study, criticism and teaching of the arts, in a context that emphasizes cultural diversity, community engagement and technical innovation.

The college is dedicated to advancing the arts through research and the creation of new work while preserving the past to define future artistic traditions. It is committed to exploring the interrelationships among the arts and other disciplines. Through presenting performances and exhibitions, the college seeks to deepen the understanding of the arts, to expand audiences and enrich the quality of life.