The Foundry

The CAET has partnered with the Fine Arts Library to build The Foundry, a makerspace open to all UT students and faculty to create a venue for the generation of new ideas, research, art and inventions. The Foundry, which expected to launch in the fall, will offer 3-D modeling and printing resources; an audio/video production and editing studio; an interactive game and mobile applications studio; a studio for microelectronics and animatronics; a high-tech music production studio; and a multi-faceted fiber art studio to experiment with technology-enhanced costumes and wearables. The Foundry will be located on the third floor of the Fine Arts Library in Doty Fine Arts Building.

Fine Arts Library

The College of Fine Arts is partnering with the Fine Arts Library to renovate the fourth floor of the library to create new, flexible teaching spaces—classrooms, labs and collaboration spaces—for the Center for Arts and Entertainment Technologies and other programs in the college. Renovations are expected to begin in the Fine Arts Library in Spring 2017.

fal-4th-floor-1    fal-4th-floor-2

fal-4th-floor-3    fal-4th-floor-4

fal-4th-floor-5    fal-4th-floor-6