CAET Structure - Four Components

  • The Curriculum: The centerpiece of the program is the Bachelor of Science degree in Arts and Entertainment Technologies — the first B.S. offered in the College of Fine Arts. In this interdisciplinary major, students will be able to take courses across three areas: Music and Sound, Games and Mobile Media Applications (GAMMA) and New Performance Technologies. Students in the program will learn in an environment that emphasizes hands-on, project-based learning with creative technologies. This new curriculum is cutting-edge, responsive to market trends and designed to equip students for a variety of creative careers in the arts and entertainment industry.
  • The Foundry: The CAET has partnered with the UT Libraries to build the Foundry, a creative makerspace that will be available to all UT students and faculty members. Opening in fall 2016, the Foundry will offer 3-D modeling and printing resources; an audio/video production and editing studio; a recording studio with sound isolation for singers and narrators to practice and record; an interactive game and mobile applications studio; a studio for microelectronics and animatronics; a high-tech music production studio; and a multifaceted studio to experiment with technology-enhanced costumes and wearables.
  • The Hub: Industry partnerships will be a key part of the center’s success in the forthcoming Hub, as we work to connect students with internships and guest lectures by industry leaders and entrepreneurial artists.